The Power of Deep Learning AI Trading Price Prediction Supercomputing

    The Power of Deep Learning AI Trading Price Prediction Supercomputing

    Imagine the luxury of having an entire team of data analysts, PhD quants and computational finance experts, market specialists, IT and programing engineers, all working for you around the clock. Take a leap forward and imagine this team merged and fused into a fully automated supercomputer AI trading platform, training itself, analyzing and running millions of computations, scenarios and simulations, none of which are possible by a human, 24/7 for your benefit. This is what SapienTrade brings to you.

    The major challenges of traders and investors

    How to predict fast moving markets?

    Investors strive for accurate real-time price forecasts throughout the day. Overnight AI solutions, technical charts and indicators are backward looking and offer no real or effective prediction of the future. 

    How to identify market opportunities?

    It is humanly impossible to consistently identify optimal investment opportunities from 5,000+ stocks and ETFs’ data, market noise and chatters. Overnight AI models provide no edge, as they all run similar methodologies and computations, and lack precision, especially in intra-day trading.

    How to craft winning trading strategies?

    Backward looking technical indicators, Algo trading and overnight AI stock selection are no better than random walk. And they provide no real trading edge, as they many run similar models. Dynamic trading strategies consistently a step ahead and beating the market are the end-goal of all traders.

    Need Customized Professional or Enterprise Solutions?

    Our professional services team will be pleased to work with you on custom design solutions that meet your professional or enterprise needs. To discuss your requirements, please contact us.

    Who Can Benefit From SapienTrade?

    Individual, professional and institutional traders, investors, fund, portfolio and wealth managers are given access to very powerful trading analytics and solutions.


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