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What is SapienTrade?

The World's First Real-time AI Trading Analytics Supercomputer

Leading AI Analytics Fintech Computing

SapienTrade is the leading AI trading analytics Fintech company at the forefront of the transformative technology wave redefining the future of trading and investment. We deliver traders and investors a real-time edge in fast moving volatile markets by predicting market prices and buy sell opportunities before they arise. Our AI powered trading software solutions apply to any market: bitcoin and cryptocurrency, ETFs, futures, stocks and forex.

High-performance Computing

SapienTrade is a high-performance computing artificial intelligence trading analytics software company computing optimal trading strategies. SapienTrade is not a trading system or platform, nor a trade execution or advisory service. All trading decisions are made by the client. This is a cloud solution and no software installation is required on clients’ end.

Deep Learning AI Trading Analytics Software

SapienTrade has ushered in a new paradigm with a next generation real-time deep learning AI trading analytics software implemented within a cloud supercomputing system. Our solution is an automated AI powered trading cloud software, where core AI trading bots compute real-time buy-sell signals common to all users, and clients are offered a software to create and manage their own AI powered trading system with portfolios and strategies combining our AI bots with their own trading volumes and risk factors. Clients are offered a virtual trading room to test their custom created AI trading solutions; and can then turn them on and off for automated real-time trading in selected exchanges and brokers we support.

Who We Are?

SapienTrade is an innovative Fintech pushing the boundaries of cloud supercomputing AI trading analytics, delivering the ultimate investment edge.

We operate under a technology partnership with QuantRisk, a cutting-edge trading analytics, risk management and optimization software technology company. We research, create and develop cutting- edge AI predictive trading solutions using advanced mathematical algorithms, and build them into leading-edge automated high-performance trading analytics technologies. Going beyond enterprise solutions, we are ushering in a new era by bringing supercomputing AI analytics to individual investors and institutional traders.

Our technology team is composed of world renowned data scientists, mathematicians, high-performance computing, software, system, database and cloud experts.

Our Leading-Edge Transformative Technology

Our next generation AI Trading platform integrates advanced trading analytics, mathematical modeling, scalable high-performance cloud supercomputing

ST AI Trader

Algo trading and technical indicators are backward looking. Typical AI trading tools are just pattern recognition programs making one single day-ahead stock classification after markets close. These can’t adapt and respond in real-time to market price movements.

ST AI Trader is a forward looking trading software, with four distinctive features:

  • ST AI Trader predicts short lived intraday trends via a series of price forecasts. Using this matrix as input, the ST AI Trader bots compute optimal trading signals. The AI bots have different internal parameters such as open and close triggers and thresholds, trailing stop and take profit levels. They do account for transaction fees. The trade signals are for immediate buy-sell orders. The AI robots use 1 minute-tick market data to self-train and recalibrate in real-time, learning from and adjusting to new market data as they arrive, and relaunching revised signals every 1 minute. The technology used combines different AI algorithms from a range of supervised predictive AI and machine learning algorithms such as artificial neural networks (shallow, delayed and deep learning), adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems, nonlinear autoregressive systems, bagged and boosted trees and self-organizing mapping, with global optimization methodologies such as genetic computing.
  • Custom AI trading solution. These core AI trading bots produce general signals which are not tailored to any client. Clients are offered a software to create, customize and manage their own trading strategies and portfolios by combining the trading signals from our core AI robots with their own trading volumes and risk factors for each symbol.
  • Virtual trading. Our software offers clients a virtual trading room to fine tune and test the performance of the AI powered trading solution they create and customize.
  • Automated trading. Each client’s custom trading instance is automatically connected to the exchanges and online brokers we support, and clients can activate or turn off their execution for real-time automated trading.

Cloud Super Computing

SapienTrade extraordinary performance in delivering real-time trade signals, every minute as new market data arrives, relies on its unique proprietary high-performance architecture:

  • Cloud supercomputing is implemented with parallel processing and multi-threading of computational jobs.
  • High-performance computing techniques and vectorized coding are used in AI and numeric coding.
  • Low latency systems and optimized data structures are used in connectivity and trade execution.

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Rise to the apex with SapienTrade, where advanced AI technologies meet cloud supercomputing to deliver real-time trading edge.

SapienTrade is a bootstrap start-up, running a lean and highly focused operation. To further expand our solutions and markets we serve, we welcome queries from investors and strategic partners.

We offer automated trading solutions for multi-million dollars trading funds to create their own custom AI robots using our platform, and connect them live to select trading platform or exchanges.


You Don’t Need a Data Scientist to Craft a Winning Strategy. All You Need is SapienTrade’s AI Trading Solution

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We are a leading-edge Fintech firm pushing the boundaries of high-performance AI trading technologies on cloud supercomputers. Our solutions deliver an unrivaled real-time trading edge.

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