What is SapienTrade?

    The World's First Real-time Supercomputer AI Trading Platform.

    SapienTrade is a high-performance financial technology, FinTech, company delivering traders and investors, real-time trading edge by predicting and seizing fast moving market opportunities before they occur. 

    Existing AI trading solutions are day-ahead and backward looking, and completely miss all intra-day market opportunities. SapienTrade leading-edge high-frequency supercomputing platform outclasses any solution, with real-time predictive insight on prices, trades, market and arbitrage opportunities. We are at the forefront of the transformative technology wave which is reshaping the future of trading and business intelligence.

    Our solutions are delivered as online web-services. No software installation is required on your end. All you need is a browser.


    Who are we?

    We are mathematicians, computer scientists, statisticians and software engineers.

    SapienTrade is an initiative of QuantRisk, a cutting-edge trading analytics, risk management and optimization software technology company. We research, create and develop cutting-edge predictive trading solutions using advanced mathematical algorithms, and build them into leading-edge automated high-performance trading technologies. Going beyond enterprise solutions, we are ushering in a new era by bringing supercomputing cloud trading solutions to individual investors and institutional traders.

    With 30 man years of intensive, dedicated R&D, spanning over half a decade, SapienTrade is a leading creator of advanced real-time predictive AI and evolutionary optimal trading technologies. The team behind our technology is composed of world renowned mathematicians with deep expertise in computational finance, AI modeling, trading and risk analytics, high-performance computing, together with system, data and cloud architects.

    Our Leading-edge Transformative Technology

    Our next generation AI trading platform integrates advanced trading analytics, mathematical modeling, scalable high-performance cloud supercomputing.

    Our forecast technology combines advanced deep learning supervised predictive AI methodologies, such as traditional neural networks (ANN), and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems (ANFIS), so-called fuzzy neural networks, with the ability to incorporate multiple indicators on different time-scales. The latter increases the accuracy of the forecast by 30% compared to traditional AIs. Stochastic modeling and thousands of Monte Carlo simulation are applied next to create an envelope of price predictions from low to high at 98 percentile confidence level. Multiple models are executed for intra-hourly short and long-term forecasts.

    Our stock prediction methodology uses a range of hybrid deep learning supervised and unsupervised classification, data mining and fuzzy AI and machine learning models, with the ability to incorporate multiple indicators on different time-scales. Medium-term stock selection models are executed at the end of each trading day, on big data sets on the entire market, e.g., 5,000+ NYSE stocks and ETFs. Short-term stock selection models are designed to work in tandem with our real-time forecast to exploit intra-day arbitrage opportunities. Input data used for stock selection consist of fundamental, technical and real-time market prices.

    Optimal buy-sell trading strategies, including entry, exit and stop loss levels are dynamically evaluated and adjusted in real-time, to take advantage of short-term opportunities arising from changing market prices. Our proprietary trading model combines advanced forecasts with a range of trading signals, in a forward looking framework. Walk-forward analysis and fuzzy evolutionary computing are used to fuse and optimize the parameters of multiple trading strategies into the optimal strategy with the highest likelihood of maximal daily return.

    SapienTrade extraordinary scope and performance in delivering real-time solutions rely on its unique proprietary elastic supercomputer architecture, using vectorization, multi-threading and parallel processing. These high-performance computing techniques jointly deliver forecasts, optimal trading solutions, performance and risk analysis in real-time.


    Are you interested in getting involved with the most innovative FinTech?

    Rise to the apex with SapienTrade, where advanced AI technologies meet cloud supercomputing to deliver real-time trading edge.

     SapienTrade is a bootstrap start-up, running a lean and highly focused operation. To further expand our product offerings we do welcome queries from investors and strategic partners.

    With 30 man years of intensive, dedicated R&D, SapienTrade has created leading edge real-time predictive AI and evolutionary computing trading technologies. The salient feature of our platform is to be real-time, i.e., the models are executed and data is published every 30 minutes or more frequently, when markets are open.

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    We are a leading-edge FinTech firm pushing the boundaries of high-performance AI trading technologies on cloud supercomputers. Our solutions deliver an unrivaled real-time trading edge.

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