Create and customize your own AI trading bot and automated trading solution

ST AI Trader is a software made of a series of AI trading bots that compute trading signals with different trend and price forecasts and risk profiles. We offer clients a software to custom build their own AI trading solution, portfolios and strategies around these core AI trading bots and set them as an automated trading service to selected exchanges and brokers.

License Fee

A software license is needed to use ST AI Trader software for automated AI trading, and the corresponding license fee is a percentage of the net daily profit it generates. In computing the license fee, trades and P&L data are taken from the exchange or broker system used by the client, every day at 9:25 am US Eastern Standard Time (New York) for the previous 24 hours. License fees must be settled at that time to keep the AI trading bots active. There is no upfront license fee payment.

License Policy

To preserve the performance of our AI bots, we limit the amount they are authorized to trade by auctioning off software licenses by trading tranches. Each license tranche carries a different profit sharing percentage rate for license fee.

Once the maximum amount of a license tranche is reached, no new software license is issued until a new tranche is launched.

Activation Fee

There is a one-time initial account activation fee, which is subsequently applied towards paying the License Fee.

Activation Fee is 300 USD for a License Size less than 20,000 USD. Activation Fee is 800 USD for a License Size greater than 20,000 USD.

License Size

Clients must book a trading size when registering for ST AI Trader software license. It is expected that clients will customize their bots to reach that amount. To accommodate other clients waiting in line for available license lots, we reserve the right to revise to a smaller amount a license which does not fully utilize its authorized trading size.

Tranche 1 Crypto Robot Trading Licenses for Binance

Software License Tranche

2,000,000 USD

AI Trading Launch Date

Q2, 2020

Software License Fee for this Tranche

Client: 60% SapienTrade: 40%

The ST AI Trader software license fee is a percentage of the net daily profit generated in automated trading by the AI bots created by the clients.

To optimize the real-time high-frequency trading performance of our AI robots, our software license caps the maximum amount our AI robots can trade per symbol and exchange.


The one-time activation fee grants you access to all exchanges and symbols that we support. This fee is applied to your license fee.

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