Benefits of AI Stock Selection

    It is humanly impossible, even for large teams of analysts and quants, to classify and extract meanings and relationships from trading, technical and fundamental data across 8000+ stocks and securities, let alone use such understanding to beat the market, and make predictions on gaining and loosing stocks over very short to medium-range horizons. Our supercomputer AI model does precisely this for you, 24/7.

    SapienTrade has the unique technology and computational power to deliver real-time intraday stock selection suggestions. As stock prices change throughout the day, our AI model overlays advanced real-time forecasts with deep level machine learn and classifications of over 8000+ stocks, to determine the optimal stock selection to buy or sell, allowing you to take advantage of short-term market opportunities before they occur.


    SapienTrade Transformative Technology

    The World's First Intraday AI Stock Selection

    AI Stock Selection uses a variety of advanced supervised and unsupervised deep learning AI classification methodologies and quantitative methods. For intraday stock selection, these AI models take as additional input, the real-time price forecasts generated every 30 minutes by AI Forecast. The architecture of the AI platform offers the flexibility to mix and match multiple models, indicators, indices and time-frequencies. Out of the large number of possible combinations, evolutionary computing is used to automatically select the optimal subset of ETFs and stock selection.


    Need Customized Professional or Enterprise Solutions?

    The configuration of the AI platform can be modified to focus on, or give predominance to, specific asset classes or market indices. Our professional services team will be pleased to work with you to custom design solutions that meet your professional or enterprise specific needs. To discuss your requirements, please contact us.

    We are a leading-edge FinTech firm pushing the boundaries of high-performance AI trading technologies on cloud supercomputers. Our solutions deliver an unrivaled real-time trading edge.

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